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Led Lcd Tv Review

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Review Of Technology Samsung Televison 3D TV LED UN55C8000


Samsung is a company that has created many kind of television type. sharpness and Voice clarity of the image makes television from Samsung is very trustworthy people. The UN55C8000 Samsung 3D TV is a 55 inch screen 3D ready, which is part of Samsung, Äôs 8000 Series LED-based LCD HDTV. While the 8000 series have fewer bells and whistles on some ships from the series 9000 (Including the lack of a revolutionary touch-screen remote control) this TV has very good 3D feature set with ultra-slim profile to look beautiful and great picture quality.

This LCD television uses conventional technology in conjunction with Samsung, Äôs edge LED backlighting lights up the new system. LED backlighting allows manufacturers to push the limits flatscreen thickness as evidenced by this 3D TV. Samsung UN55C8000 screen is 55 inches in size. V is sure to turn heads in your living room looks beautiful with ultra-thin and metal LED backlit panel.

The lack of etel halo effect ofvision is halo effect that has been reported by several buyers when viewing 3D content. This of course can be teething problems with new technology and there is a good chance that Samsung will fix this complain before sending their latest models into production technology TV.Tepi lit backlighting may cause a little uneven across the entire screen. This is a small sacrifice, you have to make when going to the panel with a slim profile as the UN55C8000. However, this should not be a problem unless you prefer to view movies in the dark. After the TV was launched, should become clearer whether this is really going to be a problem.

Samsung has used a technology-based Active Shutter 3D. Refresh rate of 120Hz per eye would allow for immersive and smooth 3D viewing experience. In addition, the screen will allow enjoyment of HD 1080p content on UN55C8000 Samsung.The Television 3D UN55C8000 Samsung has a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Given that all this HD content as good at 1080i, 1080p or 720p,1080p native display UN55C8000 will make it compatible with all HD and 3D content.